Leuchtturm 1917 Whitelines Link Review

I was looking for the perfect notebook, one that had the following traits:

  • Grid/dotted pages – so I can write or make diagrams without battling lines
  • Sits flat, so you’re not fighting to keep pages still
  • Bridges some magical analog / digital gap and makes it easy to capture and share notes
  • Some gimmicky feature that appeals to the product geek

After researching a bit, I found a company that makes a notebook featuring grey pages with white grids/lines, and it has a free app, to bridge that analog digital gap. Needless to say, I was sold! Whitelines is the Swedish company that came up with the notebook. However, I ended up purchasing the Leuchtturm 1917 Whitelines notebook, which is a result of a partnership between Whitelines and Leuchtturm 1917.

So why does this notebook have grey pages? And what’s up with these boxes/markings on each page?

The reason is that the app uses the markings on the corners of the page, to align and straighten the digital image captured by your device’s camera. In addition, the lines/grids are removed by the app, leaving a blank background to your captured ideas, and you also have the option to automatically send the captured page to your linked Evernote, Dropbox or email accounts.  One thing to note, if you’re going to capture a page with the app, you need to stay inside the four boxes on the corners, otherwise it will get clipped.

Here are some additional pictures of what ships with this notebook:

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how the app interacts with the notebook.  I found it very intuitive and the only instructions I read were to figure out how to capture video of the iPhone screen to create this video.  Overall, I’d give this notebook a B+.  If the Whitelines Link app continues to get updated with new features, maybe even utilizing OCR tech, (and it actually works), then I’ll raise the B+ to an A.

..and here’s a video from Whitelines that explains how this notebook ‘works’.

Whitelines Link from Whitelines Paper on Vimeo.

When you take a picture of the page, the grid/lines disappear – pretty awesome.